innovating products and services

as a true multidisciplinary, experienced entrepreneur and omnipotentialite i m helping you to become number one by innovating products and services

my innovation method is based on complete immersion in the company culture – i ll walk the entire mile from conception to production to marketing to delivery to usage of your product

because the sustainability of your product is the main driver of it s success – we ll spend quite some time reflecting about it s global or local societal relevance

after that we ll shake things up by studying the periphery of your industry,  submerging technology and create something novel to make your clients’ lives better

we ll work on  market ready prototypes and test them with your clients – calculate production costs and search for public and private money

and if you have all that already than i can think with you how to improve your product in function of the needs of your clients

i don t limit myself to words but will engage personally in the development of the relationship between your product and your client

“create a real sustainable bond between product and client by innovation is my concern”

learn more about how i can help you with your : products  – ideasexperiences