yep – we re moving to a robocracy – a society where robots will be part of the daily life – and that moment is really not far away – let me guess : another 10 to 15 years at the max – interesting !!

and that doesn t mean necessarily that those robots will have a human face like in the famous swedish series with the same name

a robot can also be a self driving car or a drone delivering blood or organs faster than an ambulance or a human flown helicopter

or a pet like this (image from Boston Dynamics, company owned by google !!)

so let s see what kind of jobs will vanish in a couple of years and who will take profit of it

everything delivered : pizza boys, truck drivers, fillers of distributors, DHL/UPS/etc…

in mobility : transport of people – taxis, ubers, city busses, trains, trams, etc…

cleaning : garbage trucks, sidewalk cleaners,…

in politics : politicians (hopefully !!)

and now society needs to think about this seriously – the robots are ready to replace hundreds of thousands of people

what are the jobs those ‘fired’ people will do ?  will we be eternally on holidays ? some say we will need to give a full salary to all and society will turn itself into eternal play or consumption modus – but how to pay for that ?  who will be the first country to introduce a robot tax ? or will we turn from a ‘tax work’ society to a ‘tax consumption’ society ?