a story of carrots

i learned this week that vegetables actually continue to ‘live’ when they are harvested

oops – will we need to anaesthetise them in the future before cooking ?  will think twice to become a vegetarian 😉

anyway – some things about carrots catched my eye and ears :

  • carrots actually loose a lot of energy when they are stored horizontally – they get flat and schrink
  • you don’t need to put them in the fridge
  • they stay longer healthy when stored in sand

waw – i have plenty of ideas for grocery stores and supermarkets now 😉

this korean young woman has found many more ideas to store vegetables and to save on fridge energy

(featured image on top found on http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-benefits-of-carrots.html – hope they won t sue me for that 😉

looking for a house ?

i m looking for a house for the moment – a house to rent with at least 4 rooms for each of my girls and myself

what can the world be strange – i d rather buy something – maybe a boat to simplify life – getting back to basics

so i m strolling along houses doing the real estate websites trying to get a loan in the bank

instead of renting a house and throw the money i would like to buy a boat and rebuild that into a small practical house that can be moved and that will secure my pension in 18 years from now

but no way to get a loan of course – after the crisis – it is strange that you can get a rental house for 900€ per month but that it isn’t possible to get a loan that makes you pay 600€ only

and that only because people behind desks have switched their brains off and base their analysis and thinking on figures instead of ideas and energy

the world would be better off without the banks without computers with real life deciders and solidarity

unique idea – ID

was asked today to register to dropbox AGAIN – i just unregistered of the ‘unused’ service a couple of weeks ago and there it pops up again

was asked also to register to two new sites today http://slack.com and http://eventbrite.fr each of them wanting to engage and activate me for the rest of my days

honestly i m loosing trail – when you re an active member of both physical and digital society you need to register twice a day for two new services that someone else is loving and using and however they are ment to make everything easier to organise things better it’s just two MORE services on top of the others and i get pretty stressed about that

i don’t see the trees anymore in the forest not in the least because i get warnings and activation and engagement messages all the time and the real messages get lost

ps : and while i m writing this i get an email to join https://myopportunity.com – but frankly : i will not !!

full is also my head

one of my daughters and some friends asked me lately why i don t have messenger – how on earth can you live without messenger ? how can i send you pictures of the weekend ?  i don t have messenger indeed but that doesn’t prevent me from living 😉

in order to streamline my communications and relations with the world i already started to gradually delete some accounts whats app, viber are out in favour of skype email sms and just a simple phone call – let’s see how that will work

but that doesn t stop the number of registrations growing and i d rather keep some space up here for something else than remembering passwords

although my password generation trick is pretty cool it s not always accepted by all sites

so what does there exist to cope with that ?

except the keychain access app on mac ?

isn’t there a cool and fancy service where i can register one last time and spend the rest of my earthly and digital life using the same identity ?

openid for example ? here are some examples of openid logins and interesting : it seems i have an unused gmail account that is in effect an openid (??!!), but honestly who wants to login in a site with his gmail account making it possible to be spammed or tracked more and more and more ?  or am i completely paranoiac ?

from the janrain website i learn :

Let your website and mobile visitors easily register and log in with their existing social network and email identities from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and more than 30 other providers. Improve registration rates by 50% and open the door to collecting rich permission-based customer profile data.

Automatically collect, store and manage demographic, psychographic and behavioral customer profile data in a flexible, powerful cloud database. Easily visualize, segment and update customer profiles to enable true personalized marketing.

ouwtch – i d rather go for my own openid – wired explained already in 2010 (!!) how to create your own – and you can find more on the openid wiki – succes !  now we only need more sites out there that use openid for access