yep – we re moving to a robocracy – a society where robots will be part of the daily life – and that moment is really not far away – let me guess : another 10 to 15 years at the max – interesting !!

and that doesn t mean necessarily that those robots will have a human face like in the famous swedish series with the same name

a robot can also be a self driving car or a drone delivering blood or organs faster than an ambulance or a human flown helicopter

or a pet like this (image from Boston Dynamics, company owned by google !!)

so let s see what kind of jobs will vanish in a couple of years and who will take profit of it

everything delivered : pizza boys, truck drivers, fillers of distributors, DHL/UPS/etc…

in mobility : transport of people – taxis, ubers, city busses, trains, trams, etc…

cleaning : garbage trucks, sidewalk cleaners,…

in politics : politicians (hopefully !!)

and now society needs to think about this seriously – the robots are ready to replace hundreds of thousands of people

what are the jobs those ‘fired’ people will do ?  will we be eternally on holidays ? some say we will need to give a full salary to all and society will turn itself into eternal play or consumption modus – but how to pay for that ?  who will be the first country to introduce a robot tax ? or will we turn from a ‘tax work’ society to a ‘tax consumption’ society ?

simply get rid of the dot

simplifying your own life starts with a lot of disruptive thinking – do i need a car – do i need an expensive house – do i need a fridge – do i need electricity whole day long – can t i simply get rid of the dot

and simplification is reflected by the way one thinks and talks and writes – writing needs to be easier for sure faster more comprehensive with less rules and a strong urge to innovate

let s have a look at the . for instance – you have probably noticed already that i don t use it any more

the ‘dot’ – was introduced a couple of hundreds of years ago because paper or parchment was pretty expensive and white space needed to be filled up and dots helped to make the txts more comprehensive

so why are we still using the dot

isn t it easier to change lines instead when you want to finish the sentence or develop a new idea

the computer makes that possible – you can fill millions of lines for free – why bother adding too much punctuation

even a ? is not really necessary – the why tells you that the previous phrase actually is a question

the capitals are another issue – capitals are a real source of tension – just write the word french without a capital and show it to a french 😉  and god too why for christ s sake is he with a capital –  jo van hove is much easier and democratic and gentle than Jo Van Hove – and i is more modest than I

the capital doesn t add to the comprehension – on the contrary it sets importance and stress wrong

and please take away all the ‘ and , and all the stuff that makes languages difficult

in french i m in favour of abbreviating a lot like

j for je – k for que – eske for est-ce que

you write faster and make less mistakes

and yes it is strange but you get used to it pretty easily

oh – i nearly forgot – there is one punctuation i really like and continue to use : the – hyphen – in dutch they say gedachtenstreepje – the little line of thoughts – le trait des pensées – good for developing thoughts and ideas

so now you know why i simply get rid of the dot and all the posts and txts on this site seem to be strangly written 😉

chorizo in ze face

waw what a circus this morning when the british cook jamie oliver announced ‘his’ recipe for paella with chorizo

¿ que – paella with chorizo ?  the entire spanish peninsula threw it s tweeting shit all over the brave oliver

so i m ready to confess that i make my own paella and love to experiment with this delicious dish

and YES : i m adding chorizo to it since a couple of years now – first bake the chorizo, make sure the grease is coming out and start cooking the rice with it – while you add everything else


the only thing jamie oliver did is to think disruptive and he got the chorizo in ze face – it shows how traditionalists are fighting fearcly against innovation…

i could not imagine flemish people stand up against chorizo in the flemish carbonnades – good idea for supper tonight !!