genderless – less gender

since a couple of months it s possible in belgium to change gender on the ID or passport

it s pretty easy to do so at the administration desk of the city

and for those who are hesitating – it’s even possible to register an ‘x’ for not man not woman

it seems like a victory for those who are struggling with their identity and genderfluidity

and than i read this article from selm wenselaers in zizo magazine about how transgenders must choose who they want to be – society is pushing them to choose

well isn t that strange ?

society is changing fast and next to women and men we need other ways of describing diversity – but it s absolutely strange that no one has ever thought of abolishing asking the question : what gender do you have ??

why wasn t it possible to stop mentioning the gender on the id card ? can some one tell me why that is still necessary ?

wouldn t that be easier and simpler – except for the marketeers – who still cares whether one is a man or a woman ?  hasn t it become an insult to ask a person whether he is a man a woman an x ?

in a society

where biometrics are more and more important

one s identity can easily be read by the iris

by the shape of the head


the chemical composition of sweat

is gender still relevant ?

i wish at least one politician had had the brains to abolish gender questions for id cards or any other form and forbid it to ask or register that for marketing purposes

that would for sure simplify the world and society